Steam Announcement and Price Change


I just wanted to give an update on what is happening with the game!

As you probably noticed, the game is now on Pre-Order for $4.99. Those who currently have the game shouldn’t notice a change.

This was always our plan when we became Steam Early Access ready.

If you wish to Pre-Order the game on Itch, you should have access to our most recent build as a demo (If you don’t send us a message)

The current plan is to update Itch when we update Steam but that may change in the future. If so we will work with those who buy the game, to get them a Steam copy. That being said, know if you pay for the game, we will communicate with you.

We want to thank everyone who supported us over the last year and we look forward to the next chapter in “Click and Slay”.

As always, if you want the most up-to-date news, join our Discord!

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