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Click and Slay is currently in Steam Early Access.  We will hopefully upload to this Itch Page once the Early Access period winds down.

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Click & Slay is an Idle Adventure Game preparing for Early Access and created by Mike Morrone and Corey King.  Our goal is to pass on our love of Mystery, Challenge, and Creative Thinking through this game.

Welcome to the World of Ungezi, you find yourself in a small village filled with kind people but there isn’t much to do. Throughout your years here you have heard stories of Adventurers that would explore the vast unknown lands, catalog new species and collect vast treasures for themselves. Could these stories be true find out for yourself.

Gameplay Description 

Within Click and Slay you Catalog New Species of Monster, Collect Mysterious Loot and Expand your Wealth and Power within the World of Ungezi.  Explore New Biomes and Upgrade your arsenal of Weapons. While you are away from Ungezi do not fret for you will still explore the unknown biomes that lie ahead and be rewarded upon return. But beware your adventurer will still explore while you are away so make sure to be equipped with your best gear.

 Features to Except: 
-Unique Zones and Worlds with Hidden Treasures and Monsters 
-Legendary Weaponry to Assist you in your Adventure 
-Thousands of Upgrades and Achievements
 -Much Much More...

StatusIn development
Release date Jan 03, 2021
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
TagsClicker, Idle, Relaxing, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes

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